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The following chart shows wads designed to perform as replacements for current popular models as listed in the ensuing data. BP/SPTG16: BPG/BP, G/BP16, SG16 Federal 12C1: CB3118-12AR ... Remington SP 20: Remington SP20S Winchester WAA12R: CB1138-12 Winchester WAAF114: CB1114-12, DRA 12 Yellow

From heavy gauges to the lightest target loads, our selection of shotshell wads is sure to meet your needs. Find all the components of shotshell reloading here.I have at least 1,ooo RP20 wads to use in the Winchester 20 AA. This is the only wad that works with the 1 1/8 oz. load without an excessive amount of wad pressure. I often use the "newer" Remington one piece 2 3/4 inch casing with 800-X powder and 1 1/8 oz. of shot. The load is listed in the 4th edition of the Lyman Shotshell Reloading book.The latest "in thing" in 20 ga is to load 3/4 oz loads. Clay buster has a wad made for this and it helps reduce the cost of reloading. There are a lot of posts on 3/4 oz loads, so search before going into that. I noticed that, and should be more than enough for informal clay shooting.

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It has data for the BP SG20S wad & the WW AA hull using International, Solo 1250, & Universal. They also have a load listed for it with the Rem. STS hull & Unique, which runs about the same pressure as the WAA hull. They have 16.8 gr of Unique with a Win. primer producing 1220 fps & 10,100 LUP.SP20 wad This is rated as 2 3/4 Dram (1220 FPS). The problem is the crimps are badly dished though better, but still not very good with TWO Cheerios on top the shot My bushings (MEC 9000GN) throw a bit light 17.4 gr powder 425 gr. shot +/-RXP 20 wad STS primer Right around 1200 fps at about 10,000 psi. Standard deviations are 9 fps and 400 psi. Remington STS hulls 1 ounce shot 17 grs. Longshot Rem. SP20 wad Win. 209 primer Right around 1200 fps at about 11,000 psi. Velocity standard deviation is 12 fps with pressure standard deviations of 600 psi.

WINCHESTER WADS 20ga WHITE 7/8oz 5000/CS. $155.99. In Stock. Item #: WINWAA20. $0.03 per piece. BPI WAD 20ga PT LOW PRO- FILE GAS SEAL 250/BAG. 1. $8.29. Temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer.Rem. SP20 wads #16185833 06/20/21. Joined: Jan 2021. Posts: 30. missouri . F. featherruffler OP. Campfire Greenhorn. OP. featherruffler. Campfire Greenhorn. F. Joined: Jan 2021. Posts: 30. missouri . Does anyone have any they would be willing to part with or have any info on current production wads that are equivalent and will throw the same ...Shotgun Wads 24378. Shotgun Wads 24378. Be the first to review this product. Remington Sp20s 20 GA 1 OZ. Manufacturer: Remington. SKU: 6237. Manufacturer part number ...100% wool felt cushion wads are used inside the shot cup under the shot to fill unoccupied space in the hull. Felt wads are used to maintain a full load to ensure a better crimp. Recommended sizes for use in your shotshell wads: 20 Ga. Wads for 10 & 12 Ga. Hulls 28 Ga. Wads for 16 Ga. Hulls 32 Ga. Wads for 20 Ga. Hulls .410 Wads for 28 Ga. …

Remington SP20 wad Pressure with 17.8 grains is 12000 psi so this is just under that. Velocity with 17.8 grains is 1220 fps so probably about 1200 fps. Federal hull Win primer 20 grains Longshot Fed 20S1 wad Pressure with 20.9 grains is 10800 and is 9900 psi with 19.7 grains. So in between that.This is most likely because the 20S1 wad was designed as a 1 oz wad with a secondary usage for 7/8 oz loads. A dedicated 7/8 oz wad would be a little longer and would eliminate the dished crimp. However, when I place the 20S1 and SG20L wads next to each other, the SG20L is significantly shorter.The remington SP20 is a 1oz wad. Maybe you can find a recipe to your liking with this wad. ... Discontinuing not only the WAA20F1 wad and some very good other ones too, Winchester also dropped from their product line the W540 and W571 powders and several others of those as well. ….

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Longshot, SP20, Federal hull- you'll have powder getting by the wad- I have some Federal shells- I tried- just out of curiosity- best to not us a wad designed for tapered hulls in straight hulls- I know of a person who had barrel bulge after shooting a bit at clays with SP20's in Federal hulls-D L Marcum said: The OP stated a HIGH VELOCITY 20 ga. load. I doubt seriously you can actually achieve a true HIGH VELOCITY load, in a 20 ga. 1 oz. load. Hard enough to get a solid 1200 FPS. DLM. Mostly true. Hodgdon has numerous 1oz loading spec'd at 1275 in the fed hull though. List up to 1330 in Fiocchi hull.

Advertisement With the remote keyless-entry systems that you find on cars today, security is a big issue. If people could easily open other people's cars in a crowded parking lot a...Having just got my 20 ga I entertain the idea of reloading for the 20 ga. I settle for the 1 oz loads. After putting the pen to the paper decided that wasn't a good idea thenI changed to the 7/8 oz load not much of an improvement. I can go to wallly world pick up 100 round pack for right at 25...

reboot ecobee thermostat Lyman has a load listed with RXP 20 and SP20 wad and 16 grains 800X. She will be shooting a Standard Frame Remington 1100, 20, (2 3/4 only) with full choke 28" barrel. THis will be her first hunt on youth day. With our current set up the shots will be close 25 - 30 yards. Hulls : Remington Wads: WAA20F1Without powder the AAF1 diffidently catches on the base wad lip of the AA20-HS hulls. Sense I have a one ounce load using the Rem SP20 wad I am set and only out $4. Normally for target and most of my bird hunting with the 20 gauge I load STS hulls with Orange Dusters. Or can use RXP20 wads in AA20-HS hulls if needed. how to level up monkeys fast in btd6alaska air seat pitch 20 gauge hulls. So I am a 20 Gauge, skeet shooting, reloader. I have always used old style 20 AA's. never wanted to change and very happy with results. Have seen some go 15 reloads before giving up. I reload on a Mec progressive. I use a popular load with Unique powder and Claybuster wads. No issues. I recently tried a batch of Remington STS hulls. new movies out on redbox I just went out and tried a 1 oz. load using the DRV20 wad. STS hull and W-209, 17.0 grs, Longshot, (Hodgdon lists from 16.3 to 18.0 using the WAA20F1), and 1 oz. #7-1/2 shot. Had to use a little bit of wad pressure, but it then fit and crimped very nicely. Just need to contact Hodgdon and get their blessing on the load. world's longest facetime call 2023ltx1042 deck beltiron ore medieval dynasty Our one-piece shot cup / wad columns remain the unmatched choice for everything from heavy, 10 gauge magnums to the lightest small-bore target loads - including the .410. And for critical 12-gauge clay target loads, our exclusive Figure 8™ wad belongs on every reloading bench. For 1-oz. 12-gauge loads, use our volume calibrated TGT-12 wad. Both the Figure 8 and TGT-12 wads now feature a ... amc popcorn bucket for sale WAA20F1- 10,641 PSI. CB1078-20 10,597 PSI. You are free to draw your own conclusions, but in this test, with this load, there is no difference. There is so little physical difference between the WAA20F1, and the CB1078-20. The claybuster is a tiny bit taller, but really, it's no difference to the reloader. bennington park townhomes reviewsterri joe tiktok real namejohn deere lx176 belt diagram How about SP20 1 oz wads. I've got a bunch of them. Save Share. Like. Bob_K. 2492 posts · Joined 1998 Add to quote; Only show this user #6 · Dec 9, 2021. I have two bags of RXP 20 ga wads I'd trade for three bags of Claybuster 20 ga wads (either 3/4 or 7/8 size). Save Share. Like. You have insufficient privileges to reply here. ...